More companies have deployed virtual workspaces than at any previous time in the information age. Within just a few years, the VDI market is forecast to surpass the $10 billion mark — an explosive rate of growth. 

"Virtual workspaces enhance worker productivity and can substantially lower compute costs for businesses while improving security of information and users details."

But in spite of the potential benefits of virtual workspaces, some organizations have struggled to efficiently and cost-effectively deploy and manage them. Barriers to realizing the full range of benefits offered by virtual workspaces typically include the lack of automation, and the inability to effectively manage multiple environments.

This white paper discusses:

  • How these challenges have eroded the user experience with virtual workstations
  • How they have challenged IT administrators, and how they have negatively impacted TCO

The paper also:

  • Suggests a simple means of eliminating these barriers to capitalizing upon the full potential of virtual workspaces.
  • How Flexxible IT partners with Citrix virtual apps and desktops to make the delivery and management of virtual workspaces easier and more efficient.

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